Are Summoners War Cheats, Hacks and Generator working in 2017?

Thousands of people are using Summoners War cheats and hacks every day, but are they still working in the year 2017? Lets find out! We make the ultimative test!

Our research leads us to the website called DarkmoonSW. It claims to have a full working Summoners War iOS and Android Hack, but are they for real? Or is Darkmoonsw just a scam? We are here to find out. They are providing videos and pictures to proof how it is working. At the first look they seem to be pretty reliable. Their video is giving quite lot information on how to use it, what to do and what to expect. If you are doing everything exactly like they did in the video, there should be no reason to be worried of anything.

We start to use the Summoners War Hack on by entering our username. They say we should be careful and make sure everything is correct. When we enter a wrong username it might happen someone else will get free Crystals, Mana Stones and Energy for this game, so everything must be correct to make it successful. After entering the exact username we have to choose the platform we are playing on. I am using a iPhone 6, so I choose iOS. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy, HTC or Google Pixel smartphone, you should choose Android. Also this information has to be correct. Now it gets interesting. We have to enter the amount of items we want to generate to our account. Pick or enter the amount of Crystals, Mana Stones and Energy and click on the button below. A automatic process will start and you have to wait until its done. Normally it should be done now, but sometimes it can happen you will get asked to do a human verification. Sounds ridiculous right? We contacted the support of DarkmoonSW on Skype. We were explaining them we used their Summoners War Hack Tool online, but after the process was done we were asked to to a human verification also called survey. Their explanation was really unexpected.

Doing a human verification to use the Summoners War Hack Apk seems to be unusual. The owner of the website told me someone hacked his website and used macros, exploits and bots to take advantage of the hack for Summoners War. Someone was generating lots of items on many different account per second! The hosting service freezed the website and took it offline, because there were too many requests within a short period of time. The question is how could they prevent people of using macros and bots to mistreat the Summoners War Online Hack for iOS and Android? The only solution is the human verification. A specific action from a human must be done to proof the user is not a software/bot/script.  I think this is fair. I mean, you will get unlimited free mana stones, crystals and energy. You will literally never have to spend money again for items on Summoners War on your smartphone.

After we followed the instructions and did the human verification and survey, we could generate all the items on our account. We got them within 5 minutes and we never regret anything. This is by far the best opportunity when it comes to cheat Summoners War. Check it out!

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